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A tribe for everything that's weird in the world today. Strange, bizaar, outrageous, interesting, fascinating, stupid, unfathomable, freakish, silly, wonderful, or just plain weird. Post it, experience it, talk about it.

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Meet CoCo!  topic
in a tangle  photo flag
that must have been one horny monkey...  topic
duck duck goose  photo flag
muff  photo flag
Revenge of the Pig Brains  topic
He apologizes over shooting book but never shoo...  topic
penis theft hits city  topic
tree man  topic
A puzzle that's weird..  topic
Baby Born With 2 Faces Worshiped as a Goddess  topic
Man With Suicide Victim's Heart Kills Self  topic
Ohio man facing charges for having sex with a p...  topic
Tabby Tote....  topic
Cops bust teens' root-beer kegger  topic
has someone stolen your penis???  topic
time to shit or get off the pot  topic
creepy gnome terrorizes town  topic
Shock the Monk-ey?  topic
the bird boy of russia  topic
men lift truck off cyclist after accident  topic
man loves bike...literally  topic
musical roads  topic
this shit will get you high  topic
Banana Shaped condoms...  topic

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